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For an institution, organization or a corporate company, a website is mandatory to maintain their online presence and it gains visibility only when it is properly optimized for search engines to allow access to them. With Fiona Technologies you can optimize your company website or a personal blog so that major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing can access the content within. The optimization process is mandatory for all websites because when they miss key elements such as meta description, keywords or have poorly optimized images, the search engines will penalize them and downgrade its rank in the results. A company can gain visibility in the web only when its official website shows up when users search with relevant keywords. The SEO services will allow you to tweak and tune your pages for best possible results.

Design – Seeking help from professional web design company is suggested because a website’s user experience should be seamless and content in the page should be readily accessible. Use analytics to your advantage to know bounce rate and pages were users abandon your site. It will help you tweak and deploy any changes in the design to retain those visitors. It will also help avoid increased load time which makes sure your visitors can access information quickly.


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Website Design

We will provide you answer to all your needs and help you step inside the digital world with a website which is intuitive, user friendly and has an attractive design that will drive traffic.

Email Marketing

With email marketing, you can easily and quickly reach target markets without the need for large quantities of print space, television or radio time or high production costs.

Pay per Click

Pay Per Click PPC campaigns launched and managed by our team members, are the easiest, smartest and fastest solution that delivers immediate returns on your investment.

Reputation Managment

When you sign up for online reputation management with us, we will provide you complete monitoring services to keep track of your company around the web.

Seo Services

We will help you do SEO with the latest techniques and all our services are updated with the latest Google algorithms.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media experts have ample experience in the industry and will help you promote your brand, product or services in specific social media websites.


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